Japan Ministry of Defence “Defense of Japan (Annual white Paper)”2013 English Version.

Japan Ministry of Defence “Defense of Japan (Annual white Paper)”2013 English Version.
(2013年版(平成25年版)英語版防衛白書(DEFENSE OF JAPAN)English Version)

DEFENSE OF JAPAN 2013      (Provisional Translation)

2013年版(平成25年版)英語版防衛白書(DEFENSE OF JAPAN)English Version_Publications
PDF 67.3MB (70.631MB)DEFENSE OF JAPAN 2013 (Provisional Translation)


Part Ⅰ: Security Environment Surrounding Japan


Chapter 1 Defense Policies of Countries

Chapter 2 Issues in the International Community

Part Ⅱ: Japan’s Defense Policy and the Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements

Chapter 1 The Basic Concepts of Japan’s Security and Defense Policy

Chapter 2 The National Defense Program Guidelines and the Build-Up of Defense Capability

Chapter 3 Strengthening of the Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements

Part Ⅲ: Measures for Defense of Japan

Chapter 1 Systems to Protect Citizens’ Lives and Property and Defend Japanese Territorial Land, Waters and Airspace

Chapter 2 Initiatives to Further Stabilize the International Security Environment

Chapter 3 The Maintenance and Strengthening of Defense Production and Technological Bases, and the Effective, Efficient Acquisition of Defense Equipment

Chapter 4 The Relationship between the Japanese People and the Ministry of Defense and the SDF

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